Jackson's Restaurant, Highgate, Perth

I am the worst when it comes to degustation meals; I never know what to wear, I can’t eat that much in one sitting, and I can’t drink the matching wines as I get drunk off one glass.  But when a group of friends wanted to try Jackson’s Restaurant I was happy to accept the invitation to join them.  Luckily I went along with an entertaining bunch as our meal lasted 5 hours.

The ordinary degustation menu on the night was

 Anchovy cornet with feta mousse and gazpacho sorbet
(pictured above)

Entrées & Mains
Oyster Tartare
Prawn Cocktail, Sichuan Flavour
Chicken Sauté Marengo
Crumbed Lamb’s Brain (unlisted item)
Linley Valley Roast Pork Belly, Scallop, Miso & Coffee
Palette Cleanser: Sorbet
Angus Beef Head to Tail OR Snowy Mountai Pigeon Breast

Strudel, Custard, Ice Cream
Carrot Cake
Coffee & Things

One of the great things about Jackson’s was that they catered to the pescatarian in our group, of which we were all very appreciative.

Jackson’s Restaurant
483 Beaufort St
Highgate, WA 6003

Oyster TartareOyster Tartare

Prawn cocktail, Sichuan flavourPrawn cocktail, Sichuan flavour

Chicken sauté MarengoChicken sauté Marengo

Crumbed lamb's brainCrumbed lamb’s brain

Linley Valley roast pork belly, scallop, miso & coffeeLinley Valley roast pork belly, scallop, miso & coffee

Angus beef head to tailAngus beef head to tail

Strudel, custard & ice creamStrudel, custard & ice cream

Carrot cakeCarrot cake

Things that came with the coffee

And for those that are into interior design, don’t forget to look up!

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  1. Wow, it is indeed a great restaurant. The food is great as well as the drinks. Yummy!

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