Ladurée, Paris

Ah, Ladurée.  Known throughout the world for their macarons, which were so good, we had to visit them twice. My excuse for the second visit was we scoffed the first lot that we had bought without taking any photos but the truth is, you really don’t need an excuse.  The fact they are awesome is reason enough.

We visited the Champs-Élysées store and the store on rue Bonaparte, and both stores served not only macarons but cakes and pastries as well. I have no idea how they would package some of these cakes, but I could definitely see myself riding on the Métro with one of them.

After having tried at least 12 different flavours of macarons a la Ladurée my favourite is definitely Vanilla. It was done to perfection.

One photo that I didn’t manage to capture was the absolutely glorious pain au chocolat et pistache, which was devoured by Ninja in the time it took me to savour my first bite.  If anyone can ever tell me the filling recipe I will give you free back massages for a year.

Update: If you don’t have room in your luggage for one of their recipe books I found an English copy of the Ladurée sucre online.










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  1. Adrian says:

    DERR LUCIOUS! I’m registering!

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