Pendolino, Strand Arcade CBD, Sydney

I have re-written the beginning of this post three times because I’m struggling to find the words to describe just how perfect my lunch time meal at Pendolino was. It was shout from the rooftops brilliant. I loved every single mouthful.

Found on the top level of Strand Arcade, the staff at Pendonlino lead me into their cave; the restaurant was very dark and moody. It was so dark that they provided lighting so I could read the menu. While most of the time I don’t like eating in the dark, Pendolino’s does it in such a way that I let go of the city around me. The ambience allowed me to feel like I could have been anywhere in the world, and I couldn’t tell if it was 12 noon or 12 midnight, and it really didn’t matter.

The meal began three types of bread with two differnt flavours of their own brand of olive oil, which were so good I was tempted to buy a few bottles to give as gifts to my olive oil loving family.

Next was the Tonno Tonnato, a raw salad of Yellowfin tuna with tonnato dressing, rocket cress, baby chard and Sicillian capers (top picture). The tuna was sliced so thin and delicate I wondered how the chef got it onto the plate with out it falling apart.

Ravioli di Magro con Burro Fuso: Traditional handmade Ravioli with Spinach, Parmigiano Reggiano, Gruyere, Buffalo Mozzarella, Burnt Butter and Sagent

For my main I had the Ravioli di Magro con Burro Fuso, traditional handmade ravioli with spinach, parmigiano reggiano, gruyere, buffalo mozzarella, burnt butter and sage. This dish is a must try for anyone visiting Pendolino.

Frittelline Di Ricotta Alla Sanguinella: Blood Orange Olive Oil Ricotta Fritters with "Fior di Latte" Vanilla Sorbet

At this stage I was quite full, so I asked one of the waitresses for a light dessert. She recommeded I order the Frittelline Di Ricotta Alla Sanguinella, made with blood orange olive oil, ricotta fritters with “Fior di Latte” vanilla sorbet. Divine!

Pendolino is quite a pricey restaurant but for me it was worth every penny. I can see myself raving about this meal for years to come.

Level 2, The Strand Arcade
412-414 George St
Sydney, NSW 2000

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