The French Cafe, Taupo, New Zealand

After our trip to Paris we seem to be drawn to all things French, or as we like to say with a heavy French accent Frauunch. Upon seeing the blue, white and red tricolore flying high above The French Cafe in Taupo we naturally had to visit.

Converted from an old house The French Cafe is a mix of delicatessen, pastries, and cafe serving authentic French meals. Their food specialties include escargot, confit duck leg and crepes.

Our visit was a short one as we were only there to grab a quick breakfast before heading out for the day. Ninja ordered the ham, eggs, and cheese galette (pictured above) reminiscent of our visit to Breizh Cafe. And I ordered the croque-monsiuer, a delicious nightmare for anyone who is lactose intolerant. We also bought a pain au chocolat for the road.

The French Cafe was only a few months old when we visited but they’d already seemed to have created a bit of a buzz in the French food scene, especially as it was odd to find such a traditional menu in a small town rather than one of the major cities. This seemed to be a recurring theme for us in New Zealand, really good food in the most unlikely places.

If you’re looking to take a bit of France home with you check out their stock of jars and canned goods. They also sells their macaron teapots and their art work, such as the old prints that you’d find in stalls walking along the Seine.

The French Cafe
101 Heu Heu Street
Taupo, New Zealand 3330


Croque-Monsiuer: Grilled ham and cheese sandwich








Mustards, terrines, and jams



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