The Imp, Victoria Park, Perth

It’s been a few months since our visit to The Imp but I do remember enjoying our dinner there.  Service was more on the relaxed side of things, but that suited as fine as we were on holidays and didn’t have a care in the world. *sigh* I remember those days fondly.

I enjoyed everything we ordered, loved the presentation, and bonded with one of our waitresses who shared in my love of elephant tattoos enthusiastically. Her’s real, mine fake.

The exceptional dishes were the venison chorizo with lemon and parsley, and the beef shin, charred spring onions and sticky soy sauce (both of which are currently on their website’s menu). Pictured above is the pizza with pear, blue cheese, chorizo & rocket.

The Imp
863 Albany Hwy
East Victoria Park, WA 6101

Beef shin, charred spring onions and sticky soy sauce

Tomato party, feta jelly, basil & bacon sprinkles

Venison chorizo, lemon & parsley

Salmon cubes, dill salad & fried capers

The Imp on Urbanspoon

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