The Woody Pear, Victoria Park

Since publishing this post The Woody Pear has since closed.

Reading through the dinner menu at The Woody Pear I came across a dish that made me smile. It’s not the main dish itself, but the side dish that tickles me, it reads “tzatziki, apple, celery & walnut salad”. If watching episodes of Fawlty Towers repeatedly throughout my entire life has taught me anything, it has taught me that this salad is a variation of a Waldorf Salad, sans grapes. Luckily the meals and service do not resemble the Torquay hotel in any way, instead The Woody Pear offers supremely tasty food and great wine, 95% of which has been sourced locally.

The Albany oysters rivaled Adelaide’s Coffin Bay oysters, the scallops with chorizo were great (be warned, the chorizo has a kick), the lamb rump was devoured by Ninja (the 6th person to ever complete the entire dish), the roast pumpkin pie was delicious, as was the accompanying Waldorf salad and the Chef’s Tasting Collection of desserts were so good that we ate way more than we should have.

I had a great time at The Woody Pear, I’ll definitely be going back.












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3 Responses to The Woody Pear, Victoria Park

  1. Adrian says:

    That scallop looks DELICIOUSLY tasty!
    Yumb Yumb!

  2. annie says:

    Aww..I love how that side dish looks!

  3. Tasty delicious says:

    They all look delicious

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